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Best Santa Rosa Daycare

My Little Farm is the perfect place for children to spend their days. Julie and Dick are the most loving, friendly, caring providers any parent could wish for. My daughter was fortunate to be with them from 6 mos to 3 years of age and during that time she was showered with love, encouraged to grow, enjoyed the many farm animals and explored their gardens to her hearts delight. They were always having fun adventures and my daughter always came home happy. Julie and Dick were a fundamental beginning in my daughters young life and I will be forever grateful. I highly recommend My Little Farm to all parents in Sonoma County. It is truly a special one-of-a-kind environment.
Kristine O'Sullivan

My Little Farm is part of our family. Adam started at just 3 months old but I knew the first day that he was in a warm and loving home with two people who truly care about him. There is no other childcare out there that can even compare to MLF. I know that as Adam grows up on the farm that he will continue to be loved and nurtured by Julie and Dick. They are a blessing in Adam and my family's life.

Dick and Julie believe family is the fundamental unit through which children thrive. They give these children a perpetual source of encouragement, advocacy, assurance, and emotional refueling that empowers them to venture with confidence into the greater world beyond the safe gates of My Little Farm. With the foundation of character built at My Little Farm, children transition into kindergarten confident and secure, fully prepared to embrace the next step of their education.
Colleen Bennett

I've been an analyst for 15 years in Sonoma County. Your environment is the top 1% of all licensed family child care facilities in our county"
Laurie Work (CA. Dept of Social Services - Community Care Licensing Analyst)

"Finding day care for Nico was scary for us, I wanted him home with family. However, we are so happy to have found MLF. We know he is loved & safe. You both are (and will continue) to provide experiences that enrich his life. We are so lucky he spends his time there! Thank you for everything!"
Frank & Heather

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"Our daughter has been going to My Little Farm since she was six months old. She is now three years old and we are very grateful for the care and support we have gotten from "Aunt" Julie and "Uncle" Dick. She receives a warm welcome and hot breakfast each morning. We live in an small house near downtown. My Little Farm offers our daughter exposure to open space, nature, farming and animals, all of which we can not provide in our urban setting. She looks forward to going and doesn't want to leave at the end of the day. We've appreciated the farm rules of kindness and respect. It has been a joy to watch our daughter grow and thrive and we owe much of that to her time spent at My Little Farm. Our infant son will start attending as well this spring"
Gretta K. Addison's mom

"Nora babbles excitedly on the way to My Little Farm every day. Naming the animals, her friends, Auntie Julie and Uncle Dick. She practically explodes out of her car seat when we arrive. It's comforting to know she loves her time so much at MLF (not to mention the hot muffins!)"
Jamie Murray

"I visited several in-home day cares trying to find the best place for my 2 year old son. Several of them seemed acceptable but I really wanted something more. I knew when I arrived at My Little Farm; I had found the perfect place. There is lots of space for the curious, active toddler. There are several separate and distinct play areas, interesting farm animals and fields filled with flowers and vegetables. Dick and Julie are caring and consistant care givers who offer home grown, organic food and a fun filled day that does not include television!
Helen G. Jakes mom

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As soon as we visited MLF, we knew it would be the daycare we wanted. Now with two children proud to be MLF students, we get to hear stories of Mr. Twig the preying mantis who lives on a bush at MLF, among many other creatures wild and tame. Growing up exposed to a well-cared for and friendly variety of cats, dogs, horses, pigs and poultry has helped foster respect and love for our animal friends. Personal toys left at MLF are always cared for and found the next day - the ratio of child to caregiver is such that Auntie Julie and Uncle Dick know our children's every quirk and eccentricity. In addition to superior care, MLF offers an expansive training in vocabulary. Our youngest (who is 2) is now in the habit of asking for "honking diddly whopper" pieces of cheese, and when we sit down for dinner says "every body settle down now".
Dave and Jess Amelia and Isabelle's parents

"I can honestly say that your "Little Farm" is unlilke any day care I have ever seen. My son is always happy to see you and thrilled to know it is a 'farm day' when he wakes in the morning. Thank you so much for your care of R***!"

When we saw My Little Farm on the web we could not believe such a place existed. To our amazement it really is EVERYTHING we dreamed of for our son. What especially endears us to '"Uncle" Dick and "Auntie" Julie" is the joy and enthusiasm passed on to the children through their obvious love of all things growing and breathing. "Uncle" Dick and Julie have set an example a of animal husbandry and tending the land which has instilled a love of the outdoors in our son. He has attended MLF since infancy, now 4 years old he still can't wait to "Go to the Farm!" We never want him to leave this very special place. It is a treasure like no other.
John & Kara Jake's folks

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