My Little Farm Child Care

Best Santa Rosa Daycare

My Little Farm is a unique, Sonoma County country childcare setting where each attending child is part of the family.

"The most special part of My Little Farm is Auntie Julie & Uncle Dick," says Jessica, mother of Adam.

"The moment you arrive at MLF you can feel that love and care that Auntie Julie and Uncle Dick have for your child and for your family. I could not have been blessed with two better people to care for my son."

Children thrive in an environment of creativity, nature and nurturing, and at My Little Farm childcare, we provide:

  • Access to friendly house and farm pets, such as dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, miniature donkeys, horses and pigs.
  • Organic fruits and vegetables grown here on the property
  • Homemade, vegetarian breakfast, snacks and lunch
  • Outdoor play, every day
  • No television
  • Books and stories
  • Arts and crafts
  • Appreciation for nature
  • Tender, loving care

"My Little Farm is a place where I not only drop off my son, but I also pass the chickens, pet a pig, see the geese waddling around, pet a couple of dogs, hear the birds and sometimes leave with a dozen fresh eggs!! I just wish I could stay and play!" says Jessica.

My Little Farm is not your typical daycare setting. Says Monica, a parent: “There are 3 things that make MLF different than other childcare settings in Sonoma County:

  1. Outdoor play. Knowing that if it is not raining, it is pretty much guaranteed that Olivia will be spending time outside. MLF has 4 acres, which gives plenty of room to run, play and explore.
  2. Animals. It is so great that the kids are exposed to many varieties of animals on a daily basis. Olivia has learned how to be kind to animals (and people too), plus learn about what sounds they make, what they feel like and how to interact with them and not be scared or rough.
  3. No electronics. We love the fact that our daughter isn't being entertained via the television while she is at MLF. She is using her imagination, reading books, playing games and interacting with other children every day."

At My Little Farm, your child will be given the opportunity to be a child, fully encouraged to find wonder in the world around him/her - mud puddles, swings and slides, pony rides, bikes, gathering eggs, picking vegetables, painting, swimming, reading books, and much, much more!

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