About "Auntie" Julie and "Uncle" Dick

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Owners/Teachers married for 39 years with over 36 years in the field of child development.
"Dedicated to your child's development from infancy to kindergarten"


"Auntie" Julie and "Uncle" Dick

We have over 36 years in the field of child development, youth ministry, and the business of Child Care. Having successfully raised 4 children of our own, we use our life time of experiences and expertise to expand the lives of children in our care.
My Little Farm offers one of the Highest Quality Environments for Child Care in Sonoma County.

We are dedicated to the Physical, Mental, Social & Emotional well being of Infants, Toddlers & Preschoolers ages 2 months - 4 years.

Mud puddles, building forts, swinging in trees, feeling wind and sun on their faces, discovering tad poles, walking in the 'prarie grass', dreaming under our 'Magic Willow Tree' where fairie's visit while the children nap, feeding fruit to Peg the Pig, petting Charlie Bucket the pony, these are some of the activites children experience every day on My Little Farm.

All children are taught fairness, kindness, respect, manners, friendship and cooperation as we develop the foundations necessary for a well rounded child.

The days are filled with play that fosters innovation and spontaneous creative discovery.